Friday, January 22, 2010

daddy memories #5

Another one of my dad's fun concoctions was the pulley system in our tree. He tied a pulley at the top of our front yards very large trees (I don't know what kind they were) and put a rope through it that reached a foot or so above the ground. At the end of each side of the rope, he looped motorcycle straps to make seats.

My brother and I would sit on each side and jump up and down. Or one of us would walk back to lift the other really high off the ground, then let go and we'd go flying up and down.

All was well and good until my brother's buddy came over and didn't follow the safety precautions, falling and breaking his arm. No more pulley after that incident.

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  1. I've just read through all these posts and feel like your dad was the type of guy that everyone could get along with. And he sounds like he was really fun. What great memories.


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