Crazy, busy momma of a toddler and an infant. A former big city living, fine wine lovin', using the kitchen in my fourth floor walk up for clothing storage instead of food preparation, marketing professional, turned breastfeeding, food pureeing, baby wearing, suburban living, butt wiping mom navigating her way the best she can through the baby years.

Recently moved to a Minneapolis suburb from San Francisco, by way of Vegas and Orange County. Quite the route, huh?

Photo by Sarah Christensen

Lead characters in this crazy mom's life:

Hadley, born July 8, 2008. A ball of energy, with crazy Popeye strength. While she can play tough,she is all girl. Current interests: Ballerinas. Fairies. Princesses. And getting into everything possible.

Hayden, born March 26, 2010. Loves to eat. Especially turkey and peas. Must eat every hour or throws the biggest tantrums known to man. Is a terrible teether. But is super independent "do-it-herself" kind of gal. Especially now that she's walking.