Wednesday, May 20, 2009

the best word in the whole world... mom

"Mom" is the best word in the whole wide world.  I thank my little girl everyday for giving me that name.  
Hadley was a surprise... a wonderful surprise that the universe handed to me.  I needed her.  The last year and a half or so, the universe (if it does in fact play a hand in our lives) literally took me by the shoulders and gave me a good shake.  I let myself be entirely too wrapped up in the mundane of work, not taking a time out to recognize what was really important.  Between my dad's illness, pregnancy, first time to every be "laid off" and my father's death, I was taught a lesson.

But with all the craziness that said universe handed to me, I was given the most powerful, most important gift of all.  The title of "mom" to the most beautiful being in the world.  How did I get so lucky?

Hadley is currently standing in her crib, bouncing and singing, despirately trying to sway me to rescue her from it's confines.  How can someone be so beautiful? So perfect?  Even though she struggles with taking naps and going to sleep at night, an act that would inflict exhaustion on any super mom, she is absolutely perfect.  My heart swells constantly with love and happiness... she is all I need.  I am invincible because of her.

Hadley, if this blog ever finds its way to your eyes, probably in some crazy form that you will view as archaic since there will be so many advances in technology, please forgive me for my spelling of despirately and know that you are absolutely the love of my life.  Thank you for giving me my name of "mom."

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