Monday, August 17, 2009

i love naps

Why didn't I insist on her naps in her bed from the get go?  Here we are 13 months later and I finally get a bit of kid free time during the day that doesn't entail her dad or grandma watching her.  Don't get me wrong, it's not that I don't enjoy every second with her, but a long hot shower during the day is a rare occurrence, or simply getting ahead on laundry and doing the dishes.

Now, she doesn't go down with out a fight. I decided that she has to go in there in the morning for an hour and in the afternoon for an hour.  She has books and stuffed animals in her crib so she is welcome to play for an hour, watch her lullaby movie for an hour, cry or sleep.  Seems harsh, but we usually experience anywhere from 3-20 minutes of fussing, with singing in between wails, she finally resolves to sleep, usually in a hump in the corner of her crib with the blanket crinkled below her.  

Night times are still a bit of a challenge because this is when she is allowed to nurse.  But she goes to bed around 7ish and we will typically get three hours out of her until she fusses.  We need to learn to put her down after we change her (because she usually poops in her fussiness), but we haven't been able to stomach that yet.  But we'll get there.  One feet at a time.

In the mean time... I love naps!

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