Thursday, September 17, 2009

bottle vs. sippy cup

In an effort to get Hadley off the boob, I introduced bottles of milk during the day when she would put her hand down my shirt or try to rip my shirt off when she wanted to nurse. The doctor indicated that most babies are learning to use a cup at a year, which she had been doing with water for some time, but if it assisted with weaning to go ahead and do it. So we have and my baby girl has been day weaned off the boob.

I am going out of town for three whole nights (I am going to be a wreck without her, but that means three whole nights of SLEEP!) and in an effort to make the boob to bottle transition at night, I have been trying to day wean her off the bottle and offer her milk out of a cup. I figure she'll see the bottle as a cozy before bed thing that she can enjoy with daddy and maybe she wont miss the boob.

She wont drink the milk out of a cup. She'll drink water. And apple juice. But no milk.

So what's a mom to do? Do I take the stance of she is only 14 months, she wont drink from a bottle forever and just let her be a baby? Or should I be tough? While I will be sad when we are done nursing completely, I am anxious for her to stop. I am pregnant and between that and the nursing, my energy is zapped.

I guess we need to give it a few more days, but mama leaves in a week and a half and Hadley and daddy are on their own.

Any advice out there?

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