Monday, September 21, 2009

eventful weekend

We had a wonderful weekend! The anti-nausea medication the midwife gave me has really perked up my spirits. While food still isn't high on my list, I at least don't feel like puking - YAY!

On Saturday, Hadley and I headed out to LA to see my girlfriend at her trunk show at The Grove in LA and meet my girlfriend and her new five week old. I can't believe that it was just a year a go that Hadley was that tiny and here she is the bustling little girl, who has opinions and interests and a fun little personality. I also can't believe that we will have another one in April!

A fun thing on Saturday... Before we went to LA, Jonathan took Hadley to Gymboree and treated her to a Happy Meal after. She scored some Barbie bangle bracelets, which she wore ALL DAY! She slept with them on. Ran around with them on. Such a girl. And what's crazy is that I am not a big costume jewelry wearer, so I don't know where she picked that up. But, it was super cute!

Yesterday, Hadley and I fled the house to escape football Sunday. Jonathan is a big time football fan. Really, if you hear him talking on the phone with his buddies you'd think they were coaching the team! In fact, during the Superbowl last year (which, by the way, I conveniently scheduled us out of town for) he injured his back so badly from jumping around that he had to stay in bed for a few days.

Anyway... Hadley and I went down to my mom's and spent the day. It was a very nice day of lunching at the Cheesecake Factory and strolling the mall. Scored a few goodies for Hadley at Old Navy's infant sale (two pairs of cute jeans for $14), since I think she grew four inches in the last three days. After, we went back to my mom's so Hadley could over water my mom's grass and plants in the buff, a current favorite of Hadley's.

Butt, (woops) I mean but, the evening did not end well... BAD diaper rash that woke Hadley up with a wale that we've never heard before when she pooped herself in her sleep. Her poor little butt was (and still is) red like we've never seen. She would barely let us clean it or put anything on it. Ultimately, after cleaning and lotioning, I laid her down naked on a towel next to me, let her nurse and air out. After about 30 minutes I put a diaper back on her. Poor little girl. I feel so bad... I think it got bad because she has been eating tomatoes like crazy and recently started drinking juice. OUCH!

Anyway, I hope the cyber world had a wonderful weekend!

PS - We found the other pink flip flop amongst several toys that she threw into her pack n' play. She put them on first thing this morning and she is still wearing them!

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