Tuesday, October 20, 2009

flu shots

Today I am 15 weeks pregnant and coincidentally, had an appointment with my midwife. Babies heart beat is perfect and easily found, blood pressure is nice and low, pee shows no proteins and my weight gain is right on. Good news all around, right?

Well, I've been advised by my midwife to avoid doing anything in public that is in a contained space because of H1N1. Pregnant women are at risk for contracting this flu, but Kaiser does not yet have any supply of the vaccine to keep us well. Frightening.

I am, however, covered for the seasonal flu. As is my kid, who was such a champ when she got her shot. Not even a tear! But, the next night she was miserable and has been seemingly exhausted since. I'm giving her a few more days to snap out of it before we make a nervous mommy visit to her pediatrician. To add salt to her wound, she has to have a second seasonal flu shot in 30 days AND two H1N1 vaccines, should they ever come available. Poor kid.


  1. The risks we run into on a daily basis are definitely scary! I'm glad to hear everything with your pregnancy is going well. Hopefully your doctors office gets the h1n1 shot in soon!

  2. I am 8 weeks and scared out of my pants about getting sick. My poor hubby just got the third degree because he has a stuffy nose. I told him that if he gets a fever, he's going to the doctors immediately.

  3. I am not normally nervous about getting sick, but since we are pregnant we are the highest risk of getting this illness and, bottom line, people are dying from it, pregnant or not.

    Hadley had another rough night last night, all I can chalk it off to is the shot. And my arm was in terrible pain (actually was going through my head at 1 a.m. trying to figure out what I did to make my muscles hurt so much) and had a fever last night. Side effects of the shot, just never experienced them before (well, I've only had flu shots twice in my life, so not much to compare to).

    Thanks for the well wishes. I hope you both get your shots soon and stay well. Good luck with your pregnancy, Joanna!

    - Cambria (Minimal Mom)


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