Friday, October 30, 2009

living it all again

I was thinking last night, as Hadley lay sound asleep in her panda sleepers next to me on the bed, about how much I've been enjoying Halloween this year. Two years a go, Halloween was spent trucking home from work on MUNI after working late, not even bothering to try to join my friends for a drink at the local watering hole. Halloween, for me, just hasn't been the same as an adult. Well, until now...

I realized last night that I get to relive all my favorite parts of holidays with my little ones. Actually, I get to be the one that makes it special for them. And
when it comes to decorating, crafting and partaking in seasonal happenings, I am your gal and I FINALLY have reason and will get a huge pay off in seeing the delight in their faces.

This year I decorated the house with some Halloween goodies. Paper pumpkin garland and orange twinkle lights adorn our mantle, cheezy "BOO!" signs hang on our windows. A witch and a ghost figurines grace our lawn. And of course, we carved the pumpkins we purchased at the grocery store next door to the pumpkin patch we visited and used for pictures (Hey, it's a tough economy. Why would we spend four times the amount for something that rots two days after it's carved. We paid for the rides.).

On top of the decor, we baked cupcakes for the neighbors and even attended Hadley's first Halloween party at Gymboree. She looked so cute dressed as a duck and had a great time. Tomorrow evening we will take her up to town center for the annual Halloween Festival where she can show off her digs again.

I can't wait for Thanksgiving to be over so I can decorate for Christmas! I think a Santa bag is in order.

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