Friday, October 23, 2009

peeing myself

This post is going to fall into the category of TMI, but none the less, I am going to share. I'm warning you now to stop reading if you don't want to know this about me...

I'm pregnant, right? And pregnant women can relate to this. It's a horrible side effect of pregnancy, and if you don't protect yourself properly, it can be very embarrassing. You know the feeling ladies... You sneeze and BOOM! You are peeing yourself. Not just a teeny tiny bit that catches in the first layer, it's enough to wet through your pants and then you are bee lining for the bathroom before the rest of your bladder releases. It's so frustrating and so easy to forget to put on a panty liner, because after all, you get to enjoy 40 weeks of NO PERIODS, why would you want to put on a tampon, much less a PAD!

So that's my vent for the day. I am having an allergy issue that I can do nothing about in this 85 degree California weather, and have sciatica so bad I wish I could have an epidural. Sneezing, in any capscity, at the moment is very uncomfortable for several reasons.


  1. *hugs* You are not alone. If it helps, I have a frozen washcloth on my chest right now because it's aching so bad.

  2. Oh I don't miss those days! While embarrassing, I think it is something every pregnant woman goes through. Feel free to vent - we feel your pain!


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