Tuesday, November 17, 2009

exploding noggin

I feel like a bad mommy.

But my kid is making me crazy today. This early terrible two thing is frustrating and I hope this really isn't the "rough 16 months" and we are going to get plowed with the terrible twos in another eight months.

I can no longer shop or dine out in that leisurely way I once could because I don't want to be "that" mom who disrupts peaceful shoppers and diners with a fussy kid. We are traveling to Boston in a couple of weeks and I am getting nervous about what it will be like on the airplane. Wishing I still nursed to ensure sleep and quiet.

Today I think my head may explode. I have shut my eyes more than once and counted to avoid yelling "BE QUIET." And that kind of behavior has never been my nature, so the fact that it's bubbling up is proof that I am truly becoming a mom.

None the less... My head is on the brink of busting.

Then I look over at my kiddo rolling around on the floor with her Elmo stuffed animals, wearing her Elmo slippers and I wonder how I could possibly be frustrated with this perfect little person.

Until she tries to open the fireplace doors again, the I remember.

But then she comes over and plants a kiss on me and I wonder why I was frustrated.

Frustrating, huh?

Three hours to nap time!

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