Thursday, December 3, 2009

childproof christmas

I love Christmas. More than I love Halloween! I enjoy decorating a tree and my home. I've been excited to have children to start implementing some of the traditions my parents did with me, though this year Hadley is still a bit too young.

Hadley is an active 16 month old and in to absolutely everything. And I mean EVERYTHING! The fireplace (the doors are now zip locked), the toilets (the bathroom doors are kept shut), the cabinets (all child locked)... You name it, she'll figure out a way to get in to it. Which I love about her, her curiosity, but it can also be a pain in the ass.

This year we've been trying to figure out how to enjoy Christmas decor at home without burning the house down, pushing needles from room to room, ripping stockings off the wall and our only solution seemed to be to simply not do it at all.

That wasn't good enough.

So this year I got creative and I am hoping in a few years I won't have to be so...

* The stockings are hung above the mantle (not on) with care).
* I purchased a four foot fake tree at Michael's for $20 that doesn't require water (so it doesn't spill on our landlords carpet), wont drop needles and wont catch on fire should it tip over.
* I sacrificed my tiny desk in the living room for my computer to put the tree on top of. I am currently set up on the unused side of our kitchen table (must remember to unplug after use as my curious baby will attempt to do it for me).
* Christmas presents will stay safely in the closet that is baracaded by our pack and play.

But I think despite the precautions we have taken, our Christmas decor looks pretty good and my need to decorate has been fulfilled.

Pictures to come once I get my computer better set up.

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  1. As soon as we finish moving this weekend, I'll be setting out our decorations too, and I have no idea what I'll do to keep our 9 month old out. It's great you have such a good plan.


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