Tuesday, January 19, 2010

daddy memories #2

When my brother and I were 10 and 12ish, my dad decided that it would be "cool" for us to take up unicycling. Our local community center offered classes and somehow he talked the only kids in our neighborhood to partake.

So we learned how to balance on one wheel and circle a local park, like a bunch of geeks.

Oh, did I mention that we rode in our city's holiday parade?

Yep, all my dad's idea. He loved it. My brother actually got his unicycle from my dad a couple of years a go and has made it as "cool" as it can be among his skateboarding/musician buddies.

I can no longer ride...

Thank goodness.

Unfortunately, there are incriminating photos and probably some VHS floating around in the things I salvaged from his home.

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