Monday, January 4, 2010


I think Hadley has a hole in her toe somewhere. She just eats. And eats. And eats. And just when you think that she has to be full, she comes around the corner and says "MOOOORE."

She's always been a good eater, but never the volume that she eats now. A half an avocado used to be plenty, but not now. "MOOOOORE!"

I am happy to feed her. She's tall and lean and obviously about to grow. But I keep searching for the hole that the food is falling out of instead of going into her little tummy.

Did I mention how much milk she drinks? SO MUCH! We started supplementing with almond milk, which I am pleased that she loves just as much. Doesn't even have to have vanilla flavoring, just straight up almond milk.

I am glad she is eating, though. For about four days around Christmas she refused solid food, which is unnerving to a parent.

So, I will give her MOOOORE when she requests it.

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