Wednesday, April 7, 2010

hadley - 21 months old

To my Hadley,

You are officially 21 months old tomorrow, and what big things you have become!  You are officially a big sister and what a good one you are.  

The day we brought Hayden home I watched you sneak into our room and talk to her through her bassinet.  Who knows what you were saying... For all I know if could have been something like "You better not steal my toys."  But it seemed really sweet.  And while you are sort of a tank in comparison to your very tiny sister, you just want to snuggle with her.  We are teaching you how to be gentle.  Your adjustment to sissy has seemed to be pretty smooth, but we have had our days.  But those were expected.

This last month has brought on so much development that it's hardly fathomable that you were ever as tiny (actually, tinier) than Hayden.  Your vocabulary continues to grow and you are stringing meaningful sentences together.  You are always asking where people are and itentifying your belongings... "Hadley's bottle." "Hadley's nook." (milk) "Hadley's shoes."  etc.  Dad and I laugh often.

We have been reminded, yet again, what an adaptable kiddo you are.  Once again, we have moved, temporarily, into Grandma's house until we move into our permanent home in June.  You have had to adjust to a new house with mommy and daddy, a new bed and sister.  Plus, sharing the bed with Grandma while she was here helping us with Hayden.  While we may have had some weird sleeping patterns, all in all, you were quite the pleasant kid.

Right now you are sitting on the bed with me while I pump my breasts, with your Red Sox t-shirt on singing into the end of one of my spare pump tubes... How you learned to pretend that is a microphone is beyond me.  It's sort of like when you learned what baseball is because we don't remember ever teaching you about it.  However you learned it, it's darned cute!

Well my love, I must sign off for not to finish pumping and tend to sister... Oh and get that tube out of your hand as you are now flipping it around in the air like a crazy person.  

I love you to pieces.

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