Thursday, April 8, 2010

hayden - two weeks old

Hayden, My Love,

This is the first time I have written to you.  And even though I never jotted down thoughts to you about our pregnancy together, please know that you were always on my mind.  You have a very dear, big sister who kept me incredibly busy!

I can hardly believe  it has been two weeks since I was induced to bring you into the world.  Your birth, as well as all births, was incredible and very unlike what I had experienced before.  Your Daddy, Grandma Sally and Great Aunt Allison were present at your appearance and you and I (and some of the midwife's help) did it all on your own.  Your umbilical chord was wrapped around your neck once, but your little hand was stuck up inside it, so out you came, basically hand first.  

Daddy went round and round on your name and I am thrilled with the name he settled on.  The "H" names are taking some time to sort out as they roll off the tongue, but none the less, we are getting the hang of it.

Your sister seems to really have taken to you.  However, she has suffered from the occasional jealousy issues, which we expected.  We are having to remind her to be gentle with you, as this little girl is a tank in comparison.  It's hard to believe that she was actually smaller than you were at one point.

You and I are working on the breast feeding.  I am able to pump you a lot of milk, but we have to practice the latch as you have now become used to the bottle.  Between guests to help with the two of you, your busy sister and attempts to sleep at night, I guess I got a little lazy with the practice.  Today we sought some external help and we have had some challenges now at home.  But we will get it and I look forward to when you wake to be able to snuggle with you and try again.

My Hayden, how beautiful you are.  Your coloring is darker like mine, but there are some striking similarities to your sister.  I think you will be a beauty like your sister.  Mom and Dad are in trouble, for sure.  

I will attempt to write to you every month, but forgive me if time gets away from me.  We've had quite a lot on our plates.

I love you further than the moon and the stars,


  1. This is beautiful - your children are adorable. Congratulations on your new addition - I love the name.

  2. Oh my gosh, Hayden is here! With the move we have lost track of all timing. What a beautiful baby! A huge congratulations from the three of us to the four of you. I can't wait to read more. Much love!


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