Friday, May 28, 2010

family friday: hayden - two months old

Hayden, my love,

You turned two months on Wednesday and we celebrated with a visit to the doctor's office that included your vaccinations. "I sorry" as Hadley would say. But you were a champ and oh my goodness how you have grown. Your stats:

Head: 37 cm
Height: 22 in
Weight: 10.57 lb

Doc says you are growing beautifully and he was quite taken with you. He worked so hard to get you to smile. You had one on your lips, but you just wouldn't give it up. That's right, play hard to get, my love.

You are nursing much better, too! In fact, if we didn't have the distractions that we do, I think you would camp on the boob much like your sister did. But, we are a busy family and I am quite content with the breastmilk to formula ratio we have established. Obviously, the most important thing is that you eat and are well nourished, but I am so glad we are able to have the time we do nurse to bond. It reminds me of those wonderful moments with Hadley and I am so happy that you and I are making those memories, too.

In the last couple of weeks your awareness level has increased, which resulted in a fussy baby. But in the last couple of days you seem to have settled in with your surroundings. You are smiling and curious about your surroundings. For the first time in awhile, we had a lovely family lunch out in a restaurant with you awake. You just laid in your stroller, cooed at daddy and looked around while we ate. I am so happy that you seem happier.

You are sleeping pretty well, too. I think giving you formula before bed helps with the five hour stretches of sleep you've been enjoying (knocking on wood now). Once we move, we will transition you into your own room and mommy will start sleeping in another room.

On that note, the big move is coming up. Our moving pod left last week and daddy drives to Minnesota on Sunday. Once he arrives, he is going to get the house ready for us and you and Hadley will have your own room. I'm a bit of a nervous wreck as I will be alone with the two of you for near a week, but we will make it through. I've reached out for help, so that ought to help make us all a little less bleary eyed once we depart for Minnesota on your first airplane ride.

Grandma Mel and Aunt Heather came for a visit last week and what a wonderful time we had. We are so blessed to have such wonderful family on both sides that love you girls to pieces. TO PIECES, I tell you. Even though we are moving to Minnesota where none of our family lives, we will get on airplanes and visit grandmas, grandpa, aunties and your uncle.

Hayden with Aunt Heather

My love, it's near 7 a.m. and you are still snoozing away peacefully in the other room. I can't get over how much you look like Hadley when you sleep, but I also see your own unique beauty. I spend so much time staring at you and I just can't believe how lucky I was, twice, to have such lovely children. I am looking forward to so much as you grow and become your own person.

I love you to pieces.


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