Thursday, July 1, 2010

topless thursday: oh yeah! that was why!

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Last night I remembered why I co-slept with Hadley.

Hadley has been miserably under the weather and nights had been rough. She seemed on the mend... Actually shoveled macaroni and cheese, and a hot dog into her mouth by the fistful. The most she had eaten in days.

So Jonathan shooed Hayden and I away for the night so I could get some sleep. And it was lovely...

I gave Hayden a bottle about an hour before bed. Then I topped her off when I nursed her down. And we slept. Solid. Until 4 am. And I nursed her again. And we slept some more.

And I was reminded of why I co-slept with Hadley to start with. I knew my baby was safe. Fed. I could feel her snuggling with me. And I could handle the middle of the night feeds effortlessly.

But now that we don't want her to co-sleep anymore, we are in a world of hurt. And, unfortunately, Jonathan and Hadley had a very bad night.


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