Wednesday, September 22, 2010

a tragedy not my own

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For this week's Mama Kat's Writers Workshop I have selected the writing prompt to write about a tragedy that affected me more deeply than I anticipated it would. Let me start by saying, any tragedy, whether it be your own or someone else's is never one to show little emotion for. But as humans, some things strike us much more deeply than others.

The story you are about to read is a story of a family that I don't know. But I followed their very sad story and felt profound sadness for their loss. The story is that of which I imagined to have happened in this woman's final days.

He held her hand as she lay unconscious in her hospital bed. He whispered "I love you" into her ear. Begged her to stay strong for their three beautiful children, one who is only six months old. "You are far to young to go. Your babies need you."

He put lip balm on her dry, parched lips. Rubbed her feet with lotion. Made sure she had everything that she needed to be comfortable, even though she was in a deep coma caused by a brain bleed.

"Look at this beautiful picture your little girl drew for you," he would hold up a picture in front of her closed eye lids. "It says 'Come Home Soon, Mommy." He tapes it up on the wall for all to see.

"Wake up, honey, and look at your sweet baby sitting up all by himself!" he would coax her. But she only laid there.

Then one day, the doctors came in and delivered some horrifying news. "There is nothing else we can do but keep her comfortable..." And with that, he knew what they were implying.

Family came in groups of two and three to say goodbye to this beautiful woman. And the last visitors where her children, who were to young to truly understand the magnitude of what was happening, but in need of saying their goodbyes. "Bye, bye, Mommy" their middle child whispered, "I'll see you someday in heaven."

And he signed the papers. They turned the life support machines off after placing the DNR orders. And within an hour, she peacefully exhaled her last breath.

While the events of her last days are unknown to me, however they played out, they were profoundly sad. A young mother, wife and friend tragically lost her life, leaving behind so many that loved her. Leaving behind her babies. I can not even fathom.

Rest In Peace


  1. A friend of mine's sister-in-law passed away last year from cancer, leaving behind two children. I cannot fathom that loss either.

    And I understand how a tragedy that's not your own can touch you so deeply. I chose this same prompt too for a similar reason. Hugs to you!

  2. Very sad post, but beautifully written.

  3. Absolutely sad. I can't even imagine.

  4. Hi I am Nicole from I found you through Wordless Wednesday and wanted to drop by and say hi. I really like your blog, and am now a new follower. I would love to have you stop by Colie’s Kitchen if you get a chance.


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