Tuesday, September 14, 2010

why I blog

I haven't been a very good Mama Kat student in recent weeks, but this week I am back on the horse! This week Mama Kat challenged us with three great writing prompts, one of which is writing about why you blog. Below is my entry.

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Mama's Losin' It


I started indirectly blogging five years a go when my mother went to spend six months in South Africa working in orphanages. So many people who loved her, and many who didn't know her, donated money to be taken over to these children and she needed a way to share what was going on. I put up a blog, she sent me copy that I edited and posted. It worked beautifully.

Shortly after her return I moved to San Francisco. Again. And was so intrigued with the blog platform that I started my own "single gal" blog called "Girl Genius in the City." I was inspired by the blog "This Fish" that was on iVillage and in a recent, unfortunate twist of events has been canceled. 

What I loved about writing this blog was to be able to live in my moments and document them. Maybe it was a way for me to write it all down, step back and read it later, forcing me to make the realization that this was the life I was living. This was the life I imagined. It was cathartic as I navigated through my demanding career and searched for the person, who is not my partner in crime. 

I didn't promote this blog. I didn't tweet about it. Or have a Facebook page. I just wrote and those I knew and loved I shared it with. And then I had a handful or so of readers I didn't know. It was exciting to say the least.

But as soon as I was no longer single and had babies on the way I decided it was time for "Girl Genius" to retire and I took her down.

I've tried blogging a few other times. One with Jonathan, which didn't get more than ten or so posts. And another to promote my freelance copy writing services. That blog, "The Sassy Scribbler" turned into a mom blog, so I decided it was best to change the name, which is when "Minimal Mom" started. But I wasn't a serious blogger until April 2010, when I revamped the blog with a redesign and URL.

"Minimal Mom" has been a wonderful way for me to share with friends, family and the cyberworld our happenings. It's also a great way for me to have a voice and keep my professional brain sharp, even though I am writing about baby stuff.

Most importantly, I blog for me. I am telling my story.

Why do you blog?

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