Thursday, October 7, 2010

hayden - six months

Dear Hayden, My Love,

You have been six months for a couple of weeks now and I haven't written until now. I am sorry my sweet girl. But I wanted to get your six month well baby visit out of the way so I can share your current stats. So, let's start with that:

* Height - 27" - 90%
* Weight - 18.4 lb - 75%
* Head - 50%

The doctor told me that she can see in your little brown eyes just what a thoughtful little girl you are. And she's right. You are an observer. Your personality is so much more relaxed than your sisters, and maybe that is because we are more relaxed with you since we had been around the block with babies one time already.

Hayden, you are growing at rapid speed. Your little legs are getting long, your feet bigger... But more than your physical growth, your developmental growth has me in a constant state of awe. You are rolling over. Sitting up. Grabbing for toys. Enjoying yourself in the mirror. Asking for food. Looking at your hands. Holding your feet. I know I've been through all this before, but the miracle of life will never cease to amaze me. I made you. I'm teaching you, whether consciously or not, to do these things. And soon, far too quickly, you will be running around the house and speaking to me in sentences. 

And I can't wait for that time. But right now, I am relishing in these baby moments.

We started introducing food a little early. You were not interested in cereal, but once I stirred some peas in you were sold. You hum and get to near tears when I am not spooning the food into your mouth fast enough. You are a good eater, we are certainly blessed with that.

You started sitting all by yourself right about the time you turned six months. Now, a couple of weeks later, you are sitting like a champ. I am becoming more and more comfortable sitting you down on the floor and walking away, knowing you won't tip over. You and your sister have been enjoying sitting together... She put's her dolls around you and puts together a tea party. It's very cute.

Hayden, my love, you are my sweet little girl. I can't believe how much I love you and your sister. I know I've said this so many times, but it really is a love like no other. And when I look into your big brown eyes, I see that thoughtfulness the doctor spoke of. I see a happy little girl. I am truly blessed.

I love you to pieces,

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