Sunday, November 28, 2010

hayden - eight months

Dear Hayden, my love,

I can hardly believe you are eight months old. And just developing by the second. You were such a blob for such a long time. But not anymore. You reach, grab, roll, sit, (almost) crawl, bounce and so much more. You are a wiggly baby, to say the very least.

But one of the best parts about you is your personality. You are goofy and have an infectious laugh that makes all of us belly laugh. You mimic head shaking and sticking out your tongue. You enjoy watching Hadley be a silly two year old.

And among all this silliness, you have is incredibly sensitive and empathetic side. When Hadley is cries, you cry. You seem to know the moment someone needs you to nuzzle your head into their chest or lap, your way of hugging. It's very sweet. And one of your best traits. I think you are an old soul and are already, in your very young age, very in tune to others.

Something that I find myself stopping in my tracks to pay attention to is the bond you and your sister have developed. I catch many secret giggles between the two of you. Hugging. Reaching. And holding hands. I'm in constant awe and feel so blessed to have two little girls that already love each other this way.

But I know the arguments and bickering will come as you both get older. Remember that no matter what you are sisters and will always be that way. Even when you think you hate each other.

Hayden, you are a beautiful little girl! I just can't wait to see you develop more. I wonder what you will look like when you walk. What your little voice will sound like when you start forming words. If you will be girly, like your sister, or more of a Tom-boy. Whatever any of this is, I am so excited and blessed to have you in my life.

I love you to pieces!

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