Thursday, December 30, 2010

and we are babyproofing... again.

Hayden is now mobile. As we speak, I hear her opening the drawers to the television stand, despite me moving her across the room.  And I thought to myself that we were nice and baby proofed because of Hadley. I look around the room and I realized that we are not!

While we have gates on the staircases, half of the plugs have become uncovered. Only two cabinets (the ones that need to be locked) are baby proofed. The fireplace could be gotten into very easily (need to trouble shoot this one a bit). And who knows what else - I am sure Hayden will show us in time.

So today, it's back to the store to purchase some more supplies, bust out my cool little power drill (from Restoration Hardware - I love it!) and go back to the drawing board of baby proofing.

Looking forward to when we don't have big white latches on everything, and I can put pretty things out that my kids don't get into an destroy.

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