Saturday, December 25, 2010

the magic of christmas

I love Christmas. But for a very long time that real magic hasn't existed. That magic that a child has.

For obvious reasons it faded away... The fable of Santa and reindeers flying around the world delivering presents and eating millions of cookies, truth comes to light. And the teenage years kick in. The long for surprise is overtaken by the want of something ridiculous and specific.

Hadley is almost 2 1/2 and she started understanding the concept of Santa. We did a lot of holiday related activities, watched movies about Rudolph and Frosty, read books. I told her that old tale of Santa delivering presents to good little girls and boys, but that Christmas was also a time that we give to others.

Yesterday was Christmas Eve and we talked a lot about Santa. We baked cookies for him and placed them on the table next to our big leather chair. And a few times she said, on her own accord, "Santa is coming!"

I was so excited to put the kids to bed so I could set up. Jonathan had spent the evening setting up a couple of large gifts our relatives sent and I was in charge of placing all the gifts under the tree, stuffing the stocking. And together we set up a small princess castle for Hadley to find in the living room.

And would you believe that I couldn't sleep? I was so excited! And I was up at 6 a.m. longing for the rest of the family to wake up. When I heard the pitter pat of feet on the bedroom floor above me, I got my camera ready for first reactions... And woosh! Just like that, the real magic of Christmas came over our household.

Now to a lot of you, my post about Christmas may seem very materialistic. And to people like us who are not religious and do not celebrate Christmas for religious reasons, it's a holiday that becomes about giving. Hadley, at two years old, doesn't understand that those toys we purchased for less fortunate children and the donations we give to non-profit organizations are a means of giving just yet. But some day she will. And we will strive for her to understand what this holiday means to to our family.

There may come a time when she may decide that it means something different, which is fine. But for now, it's a holiday of giving to others, appreciating our friends and family, and loving one another. And to let her parents enjoy the magic of Christmas through her little eyes.

Happy Holidays!

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