Tuesday, January 25, 2011

first minnesota winter

I've been a good sport. A really good sport. I've been dealing with the mountains of snow in our front yard with a smile on my face. Taking in stride the process, and I emphasize the word "process", that takes place to get our family out the door. I don't complain about my cold toes, or the chronic inch of road dirt on my car.

I've been a really, really good sport.

And I know I'm going to hear an "I told you so" or two based on this post, but I'm missing beach days in January that I've enjoyed countless times over the course of 34 years of living there.

Now, I'm not saying we're packing up and leaving, I'm just craving a warmer climate. If only for a day.

Besides, despite the snow we have loads of sun and Minnesotans certainly make the best of it. Shoot! People are playing on Lake Minnetonka in the winter, as much as they play in it in the summer.

Plus, I have been promised that Spring is spectacular here and makes a tough winter worth it.

But a trip somewhere to warm my toes sounds lovely right now.

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