Tuesday, February 15, 2011

ode to san francisco

Last night, after the third time I got up with Hayden, I climbed back in bed to go back to sleep. As I lay, I listened to Jonathan snore. Which is normal, and usually much more disruptive. But last night it reminded me of the ship fog horns I could hear from my fourth floor walk-up studio in the outer Richmond district of my lovely city.

The fog horns may bother some, but I found them soothing. A ship coming into the harbor under a blanket of fog that wrapped around it's shoulders. Sailers going to a place called home,

Jonathan's snores, strangely, made me very homesick for my lovely city. For the fog. And drizzle. Busses and cabs. Fourth floor walk-ups and zero parking. Yes, I actually found charm in all of this.

And while I could see raising my babies there and living the rest of my life there despite these charming things, I know I've done the right thing for my family.

But oh how I love San Francisco. And for now Jonathan's snores will transport me there.
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