Saturday, February 26, 2011

potty training day 1.5

I've been traveling with the wee one for a few days, but decided that we would hit the potty training hard after our return. And the notion was reinforced when I witnessed an 18 month old using the big potty in a Macy's bathroom.

We needed to do a Target run and while there we picked up the Fisher Price Princess Stepstool Potty. Basically, this thing is a convertible potty - it looks like a big potty with a little plastic bling, when the lid is down it's a stepstool, and when she's ready, it is a potty seat for the big potty. The best part is when she pees or poops (I'm assuming, but it hasn't happened for us yet) in the bowl it plays a song, which makes us all cheer. We also picked up some poster board and princess reward stickers.

The plan was to start the potty training extravaganza today, but she was so excited yesterday afternoon how could I hold her back. She stripped off her pull-up and parked it on her potty. When she was done, she put on her princess panties and we were off!

Today, however, it was a bit more of a struggle to get going. Once we got past the first hurdle, the second came. She did ask for a diaper, which I refused her. She doesn't want to have an accident, but we keep reminding her that accidents are part of learning.

This is kind of like having a puppy...

Stickers/Songs Earned: 6
Accidents: 3

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