Monday, April 11, 2011

a lot going on...

We have a lot going on this week. Hadley's eye surgery is on Thursday, and we've contemplated pulling the plug, but I think we are going to go forward with it, provided her dose of ibprophin for her ear infection doesn't stop the surgeon.

On that note, this poor kid was in urgent care on Thursday night with a bad bout of croup. She was given a dose of steroid to calm the cough and a popscicle, which helped ease the pain of her late night trip. And, as an added bonus, the steroid seemed to reduce the chalazion on her eye (but, unfortunately, that only lasted a couple of days).

So to add salt to her already wide open wound, she is on her fourth round of antibiotics for her fifth ear infection. We've started her with a pediatric chiropractor (who she LOVES) twice a week and are hoping that resolves the ear issue. Though, we now have a referral to an ENT.

Lots and lots happening. I hope to keep the blog up to date this week, but forgive me if I don't.

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