Sunday, May 22, 2011


Every mother goes through it.

I'm sure every father does, too.

Those bouts with your children that just seems like you are trying to survive... They are unhappy. Or misbehaving. Testing their boundaries. Trying to see if a full blown tantrum will give them the kind of attention they want. And then roll it all together with two children and you get it... A mama who is thinking that plucking her hair out one strand at a time would be much more pleasant than enduring the lovely behavior her children are displaying. And I have a lot of hair. A LOT!

Hayden has been cutting her seventh tooth. And bottom line, she is not a happy teether. Not that any kid is, but Hadley didn't display behavior like this. Hayden just wants to throw herself on the floor and cry. I think she wants to be picked up, so I reach for her, she lets me pick her up, then she lunges for the floor. I think she's hungry, hand her a piece of cheese, she takes it and wings it across the room with a scream. It's exhausting. Frustrating. Upsetting.

Hadley is just being her age... Lot's of energy. Testing her boundaries. Misbehaving.

And please don't take this as me not loving my children. I love them fiercely. More than anything in the world. We are just having a "moment". A moment I know will pass. But for now, I'm just happy when bedtime rolls around.

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