Monday, May 2, 2011

the past few days

*Sigh* It's been a brutal few days.

My little Hadley has had a tummy bug and she's been to urgent care (where she threw up EVERYWHERE - it was even on my bra) and to the ER this weekend. Fortunately, after a couple of invasive tests, she doesn't have a UTI, a kidney infection or appendicitis. No strep or respiratory issues. It seems, like a couple of other children in the ER, she has a severe tummy bug and we are lucky that she has kept hydrated as they were spending the night in the hospital on an IV. But this morning, and all night again last night, she's been doubling over in pain, crying every few minutes. I'm going to be dragging her back in because this has been going on since Friday night.

On top of this, and totally minor in comparison, my car was swiped in the Target parking lot and the swiper failed to leave a note. It was a white car and it left a hole in my bumper. Yes, my car is getting up there in age, but it was pristine and I work to keep it that way.

And the news that is not new to any of you is Osama Bin Laden's death. I don't feel like I should be cheering in the streets. Sure, it's good news, but he isn't worthy of our celebrations. And honestly? I'm afraid something bad is in our midst as a result of his death. I'm hoping for the best, I'm just not cheering in the streets until I see that everyone one of our soldiers is home safe and sound and our world becomes more peaceful.

So maybe I seem like a downer right now, but I needed a quick vent. I'm going to go to my bootcamp this morning despite my three hours of sleep last night, sweat a bit, hope my little girl feels better, we start to see peace and my mood improves from the past few days events.

OH, and I hope to get another great giveaway up later today, so stay tuned!

Did I mention there are snow flurries?

Happy Monday :)

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