Friday, June 3, 2011

what's happenin', hot stuff?

We've been a busy household lately. J and I have both started working part-time. I work a few days a week and he works four to five nights a week. We've been working on how to make our schedules work with the kids, but also getting in our other activities, like hitting the gym a reasonable amount a week, making sure the kids are being entertained beyond the television, and getting household chores done.

And I have to admit, the household chores are going by the wayside. We need a maid service. STAT.

Other than that, I've continued hitting the gym five days a week. My goal in March was to go three days a week and here I am going five. I'm happy about that accomplishment and I finally feel like my clothes are fitting better and that maybe I can be comfortable in a bathing suit this summer.

The kids are finally healthy! The snow has melted and we've had some warm days. Colds seem to have ceased. Ear infections gone. Chalazions have stayed away. We are spending more time outside, which seems to help too.

OK, so this is my post of randomness. Just thinking. Looking at (almost) three year old who just removed her diaper, got out a wipe and wiped herself, put it all in the trash, and got out a new diaper. Why she refuses, I mean REFUSES, to sit on the potty is beyond me.

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