Sunday, July 31, 2011

on newborns and toddlers

I was up with Hayden at 4:45 this morning. She went back down pretty quickly, but I didn't. I laid there thinking about my girls, which is the number one topic in my head. Always.

But this morning, I was thinking about how their starts to life - my labor and their delivery - have been so telling of their personalities. I was induced with both, but they were strikingly different experiences. Yes, I am sure first vs. second birth experiences certainly play a roll, I also see personality traits...

I was induced with Hadley at 38 weeks because of my blood pressure, which eventually was diagnosed with mild preeclampsia. And it was a four day induction. 4 DAYS! This child was not ready to join the outside world. When she finally decided to join us, she didn't cry. It was like she was saying "Really Mom? I was nice and cozy and not ready for this and I'm pissed so I'm not going to cry." And, my dear sweet Hadley, had I been any the wiser, I would have asked them to wait.

Now, at three, Hadley is the kid that does things on her own time. Yes, she was quick to talk and walk, much sooner than most babies/toddlers. But we found that if we pushed her on other things, she simply doesn't do it. We co-slept for a very long time and when it came time to sleep in her own bed, she challenged us. Eventually, she decided it was pretty cool. And now, with potty training, it has to be on her own accord. Yes, I am pushing and it's not happening fast. So maybe I need to take note, again, and back off. Hadley takes her time and can not be rushed.

Hayden, on the other hand, came into this world ferociously. At 37 weeks, I was already dilating and the induction (for blood pressure) didn't take long at all. I pushed for all of 20 minutes and out she came, with a wail! She was ready to be here, though much younger (relatively) to Hadley when she joined us. Hayden had some "premie tendencies" when it came to feeding, but gave it her best shot.

Now, she is a rambunctious 16 month old wanting to be like her sister. Always looking ahead and trying to grow up a little too fast. I hope this isn't painting a scary picture for our future...

Just something I kept myself awake thinking about this morning. Not a bad thing, but something that puts me in, yet another, state of awe.

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