Tuesday, July 12, 2011

vocabulary explosion

My little lady's verbiage has suddenly exploded. Hayden suddenly has a few words beyond the usual SCREECH she provides when she wants something. Here area  few of her goodies:

  • Bah (ball)
  • Day-de (baby)
  • Dada (dad)
  • Mama (mom)
  • Ah dune (all done - with sign language)
  • Ha (hi - with an enthusiastic wave)
  • Aye aye (bye bye)
  • Noooos (nose)
  • Aye (eye)
  • NO (NO!)(!)(!) (with a shake of the head)
  • Nana (banana)
  • Shoe (shoe)
  • Ni ni (night night)
  • Buh bah (bubble)

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