Monday, April 30, 2012

"you smell like the zoo"

Sunday mornings and day I am on my own with the girls while Jonathan is at work. So I often try to find something fun to do, since school, gymnastics nor swimming is on our calendar, like often the rest of the week has. And most of the time, I try to get there right at opening, since most folks are at church and museums and zoos tend to be quieter then.

We packed up our things, dressed for a 65 degree day and headed out. A pass through the Starbucks drive-thru and 20 minutes later, we pulled into the Minnesota Zoo parking lot, where I discovered a sleeping Hadley.

After rousting her awake, pulling out Hayden's beloved stroller, we walked to the entrance, discussing the different animal sculptures along the way. And realizing the day was not going to be anywhere near 65 degrees, like the weather report promised (Hadley's bare legs and sandaled feet were the top of my concern).

We stood in a short line, where the woman in front of me handing me a coupon for free admission, which I happily took and made note that it was going to be an excellent zoo visit. And it was!

First stop, the monkeys. There were a bunch of little monkeys, adult monkeys, including a hugely pregnant monkey who was basking her busting belly in the sun. Having been pregnant in the past, seeing her brought back memories of those final weeks of pregnancy. Uncomfortable.

After our monkey visit, we made our way to see the bears, who were sleeping. Play momentarily in a sand pit until my girls sandaled feet were uncomfortable. Said hello to a wild boar. Then stopped by to say "how do you do" to a big kitty cat.

I was surprised how brave Hadley was sitting up against that glass. Hayden would have nothing to do with the display. And quite frankly, I don't blame her. That cat was pacing and would've liked a little girl for lunch.

We walked the distance and landed ourselves in the zoo's working farm. They had all sorts of farm babies, including piglets who were born just last week. We had an amazing sandwich followed by some seriously delish ice cream. And took some silly pictures.

We waited for the tractor to take us back to the main part of the zoo and passed the time admiring the 3,000 pound bull. He was laying down and had "boy bits" squishing out the sides of his massive body. Hadley innocently asked "Mom, is that an egg?" I told her no and didn't delve further into the topic since there were other children in ear shot. And she asked again, "Then, what is it?" Ughhh... At this point the mom next to me is chuckling. "Let's just call it an egg for now, but that's not what it is." She stopped pressing about the topic, but I overheard the mom whispering the story to her husband, who laughed and said "Well, she's not far off." I love my sharp little person.

We finished the day with some playtime in a cool playground followed by taking a peek in the aquarium. The girls both cried when we left. And I have to say it was probably the best trip to the zoo we've ever had.

I noticed, however, that my girls sort of smelled like the zoo, so major scrub down occurred after dinner to relieve the stink.

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