Tuesday, September 8, 2009

ahhh... zappos, my old friend

I haven't ordered on Zappos since I stopped working in the traditional office. Not that I stopped loving shoes, I have just had a tough time justifying the purchase of them seeing that I don't go into an office anymore and flip flops work nearly year round in Southern California.

Yesterday, in an act of indulgence, I purchased, not one, but two pairs of black boots from Zappos. Of course, I will return one (possibly both) of them, but I just can't wait to get those beautiful white ZAPPOS boxes in the mail and try on shoes in the privacy of my own home. What a better way for a mommy of a one year old who is in the first icky stages of pregnancy to feel better about herself. Can someone come to my house and do my hair? And laundry? And nails?

Probably not.... But, oh, I love Zappos!

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