Tuesday, September 8, 2009

second hand

I have found that shopping at second hand stores geared towards infants/children is a mommy's dream come true. You can find lots of great stuff for your ever evolving child. You can buy, sell, buy back... it's great!

A couple of months a go I sold our co-sleeper nest (that we NEVER used) and a push walker because Hadley insisted on climbing it instead of pushing it. I was given $27 credit, albeit not at all the money I spent, but it goes far with the further discount offered to trader iners.

So, today, in an effort to stock up Grandma's house with Hadley appropriate toys, I used my credit towards a new (still in the wrapping) Baby Einstein DVD and a sprinkler worm attachment for backyard fun. Next week I plan on bringing in the toys that have gone to the closet graveyard because she has out grown them (I LOVE to declutter). And if we find out that baby #2 is a boy, you better believe I will be trading in outgrown girls clothes for boys clothes.

Here are a couple of great second hand shops in Orange County:

Wee Peets - San Clemente
Childrens Orchard - Various Locations

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