Saturday, September 5, 2009

crooked zipper

Today I dragged myself into Motherhood/Mimi Maternity to locate some shorts (on sale, preferably) that would span my quick change body. I found a cute pair of capris, that I'd be actually willing to wear and they had one pair in my size. I put them on and they are sewn wrong. The sales woman actually tried to get me to buy them for full price stating that the crooked zipper and the white of the pocket hanging out the top couldn't be seen if I wear a shirt over it. She brought me the next size down, which fit, too, but I was irked to say the least. She asked if they bugged me and I told her of course - why would I spend $40 on anything that wasn't A) designer with a flaw or B) absolutely not made right. I didn't spend any money with her today.

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