Sunday, October 18, 2009

g (I'M ANNOYED) diapers

So I made the investment to go back to G Diapers for the sake of my kiddos now rashing "who-hah" since we stopped nursing. They are cotton, non-bleached and lets her skin breathe. Makes sense that it's a good investment, right?

G Diapers are down right impossible to locate in a store, so I ordered them off of (very cool site, if you aren't familiar) and they ended up being cheaper than what I would have paid in the store. But I have four packs of them and I am considering discontinuing use, yet again.

Hadley seems to be in between sizes. The mediums should be the right size, but they seem like they are snug to avoid the velcro from sitting on her skin. The larges are too big, but we can fasten them so the velcro doesn't irritate. BUT, they leak. This is the third time this week and they weren't on a horrible amount of time. At least it's just pee and her poop is pretty solid these days, but it's annoying! G Diapers are not cheap!

So we are going to go on a rotation between the traditional diaper and the G Diaper. Maybe that way her skin can breathe, we'll feel better about what we dispose of 50% of the time and we'll cycle through the investment I made through


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