Monday, October 19, 2009

hadley's growing vocabulary

Allo = Hello
Bah = Ball
Bah = Bath (when she rubs her hands over her tummy)
Boo = Boob (only when she points to her chest)
Boo = Boo, the sound a ghost makes (only when she points at the Halloween decor)
Bub Bub = Bubbles
Bye Bye = Bye Bye
Dada = Daddy play with me NOW
Day Dee = Baby (often accompanied with a rocking motion with her arms)
Hi = Hi
I do = I do or Yes
I done no = I don't know
I stink = I think she is saying exactly this, I stink
Mahl = Milk
Mamamamama = Mommy, pay attention to me NOW
Moher = More
Moo = Cow
Na Na = Knock Knock (something she picked up at Gymboree)
Nank koo = Thank You
Ni Ni = Night Night, which is not a happy word for her
No = No
Nononononononono = NO, damn it!
What's that = What's that

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