Monday, October 12, 2009

terrible twos... at 15 months?

Could it be the terrible two's are gracing our household early? Are these the symptoms?

* Sudden unruliness (I should say, just being loud) in public (grocery store, restaurants)?
* Being defiant with things she knows she shouldn't do?
* Not letting us change her diapers or clothes with out almost wiggling off the table and preceded with a race around the house?
* Whining. Whining. Whining. (and she's never really whined before)
* Obvious frustration (including tears) with things she can't get figured out.
* Demanding MILK, BOOB, MA MA and other things that are intelligible (or we have yet to learn the sign for)
* Mommy and Daddy not wanting to take her to public places anymore

Yes, we have started disciplining her with brief timeouts. Hopefully this will help. But I am going to miss being able to go to restaurants with my, normally, very well behaved child.

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  1. Don't worry, that's not the terrible two's yet. I used to work with her age group, and that's just their way of beginning to assert independence.


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