Monday, November 2, 2009

daddy's the new mom

The day has come. The bitter sweet day that I knew would come is here. The day when my little girl becomes daddy's girl. I am thrilled to death that she has. It's so sweet to watch him rock his little girl to give her comfort when she is sad, scared or hurting.

My heart swells... THIS is my family.

The last few nights Hadley seems to have had nightmares, crying in her sleep, but not letting me hold her. When daddy comes in, he hold her close to his chest and sings this sweet little song that he made up that goes very simply "Dada. Dada. Dada." And eventually she sings along or falls back to sleep in his arms.

But it hurts my heart when I can't make her hurt go away with a snuggle.

It's weird how this happens, so suddenly. I've heard of it and knew it would happen, but feel a bit blind sided by it. I wonder if she senses the new baby? Will she be angry when the new baby arrives? Will she adjust? All things I constantly worry about.

But, alas, this is life. These are things she will need to deal with. These are things I will need to deal with. She will always have that special place in my heart as the person who gave me my title - mom. I hope she knows that will never be taken away. I hope she knows that my love for her will never ever change.

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