Monday, November 2, 2009

h1n1 freakiness

I just learned that my best friends six year old son "may" have H1N1. He got sick Friday night, started coughing on Saturday (missed trick or treating, poor kid) and his pediatrician sent them to the ER on Sunday.

The ER kept them for six hours, told them that they no longer test for H1N1, but prescribed him Tamiflu. My friend promptly ran the prescription to the pharmacy and was told "good luck" in finding this. In a stroke of luck and a brother with a connection, she found a pharmacy that has the tablet form and they are compressing it for her.

This is frightening! Not only is it virtually impossible to get vaccinated for this illness, it is almost as impossible to find the medicines to treat it. My friend made a good point... Perhaps if they would continue to test people for the virus when they show symptoms, maybe there wouldn't be such a shortage of Tamiflu.

I am vaccinated as I am in a high risk group, but they will not vaccinate my 15 month old or her dad. I am voting to keep them home and I'll hunt and gather for our necessities until they will take care of my family.

I'm scared!

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