Thursday, November 5, 2009


After some thought and in an effort to coax my little one into sleeping in her bed all night long, I broke down and bought her Dora the Explorer sheets to put on her twin sized blow up mattress. What a hit! She sat on it for a half an hour pointing out each and every Dora, saying "DORA!"

We put her in her crib with the Dora pillow and she slept sound for a few hours. She woke up and cried and cried and cried to the point that I gave in because it was clear she was not going back to sleep. I picked her up and she shouted "DORA!" I followed her direction and grabbed her pillow and brought her into our room where her Dora covered twin blow up mattress is. We laid there for a bit before she asked her Daddy for some milk. She snuggled in the covers and enjoyed her milk and watched the evening news with me. Eventually she asked to get into the bed with me and off to sleep she went.

She woke this morning at 5:30 a.m. (damned time change) shouting "DORA!" Tossed her pillow onto the floor and climbed onto her Dora mattress before she decided that she was ready to get up. We are now dragging this Dora pillow around the house.

Even though we didn't achieve the outcome I hoped for last night, I am delighted about the $20 purchase because she is so excited about it. Oh well. Parents for hundreds of years slept with their kiddos, right? Perhaps the world was a better place then for that reason. Who knows... In the mean time, my kid is happy.

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