Friday, November 6, 2009


Here in Aliso Viejo there is one hotel. And it's a nice one. Complete with a bar, restaurant, spa and athletic club that we've heard nothing but wonderful about. They have a saline pool, spas, sauna, basketball and racketball courts, kickboxing training, spinning, yoga and just about every piece of equipment known to man. Not to mention the locker rooms look like they are straight out of a Burke Williams. The big thing that we have heard about is their "Kids World." Our neighbors keep telling us about how their kids don't want to leave. Sounds nice... Sounds WAY too expensive.

The other day we got a free pass in the mail. So we decided to check it out...

The manager who gave us a tour took us immediately to Kids World and Hadley just ran in and didn't look back. With monitors placed around the gym, we could keep an eye on her and she was seemingly having a blast, which thrilled us.

And we were sold...

Especially because it wasn't the$500 month that we anticipated. Perhaps more than the normal 24 Hour Fitness Membership, but with all the amenities AND a day care that our kid likes included in our membership, we hardly batted an eye.

Now, we'll have to stop seeing the chiropractor for wellness visits, which is fine because I feel like he never gets any movement, and take Hadley out of Gymboree, which is fine too because she seems to be bored. I think this scenario will be good for her and gives us the opportunity to do other classes with her.

Feeling a bit extravagant, but excited about getting up there, even if its only for a nice meal while Hadley runs around day care.

OH! Did I mention that on the premier episode of Real Housewives of Orange County that they were working out there? I was feeling especially ridiculous then, but it's only for a few months before we move out of state. May as well enjoy!

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