Tuesday, December 29, 2009

colds, stomach bugs and more

I've been a bad blogging mommy. Really bad.

But I've had some good reason. This cold season has taken our household by storm. Hadley's pediatrician says that kids this age average two colds a month this time a year, which basically means kiddos are well one week, then sick the next. And even though they seem healthy despite their runny noses, you can't take them to any of their normal activities, which makes for a restless, needy tot at home.

Let's add on the fact that I am 25 weeks pregnant and getting every cold that Hadley picks up at Gymboree or Kids World, which takes me down too.

Oh, and I didn't mention, starting on Christmas Eve, we kicked off a chain reaction of stomach flu. That has been the best of all the bugs.

So, I've been a bad blogger, but with some good reason. I resolve to be better now that the new year is here. At least until baby number two arrives then all bets are off.

Hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday season and has a healthy (non-cold) new year!

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