Tuesday, March 9, 2010

20 months old

To My Hadley:

Yesterday you turned 20 months. 20 MONTHS! Where, oh where did the time go. It was crazy when you turned 10 months, but now to double that? Mommy is falling over!

You have been developing by leaps and bounds these days, so much so we had to move you up to the next level at Gymboree, three months early. Not only are you a chatterbox sponge, but you engage in pretending and playing with other children. It's so ridiculously cute I can hardly stand it. I watched you in your purple tutu at day care yesterday playing with two other kids in a tent. I could hardly bring myself to summons you home because you were having so much fun, but alas, we had to go.

Not only has your basic development blossomed, but the once energetic, wiggly "can't go anywhere in public" baby I had for a month or so can now be trusted in restaurants and shopping carts again. You have also started holding my hand when we are walking outside, so we have granted you the privilege of walking with mom and dad through parking lots and shopping centers, provided you hold our hands. Let me tell you, less the fight is much easier on your very pregnant mamma.

You love to sing and dance. You are starting to sing tunes that we actually recognize. You are intrigued with the ABC song and Happy Birthday (Grandma taught you that one). So we are sure to sing it often.

Also, we are learning body parts beyond the Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes song. In fact, thanks to "Once Upon A Potty" you now know where your pee pee is and are starting to understand your body functions a bit. Hopefully soon we can start potty training, especially since you often bring mommy and daddy your diaper, off your butt.

In just about five weeks baby sister will be joining our household. That, coupled with moving into Grandma's house this weekend, will be a HUGE adjustment for you. But you are a very adaptable little girl and I think you will transition nicely. I hope you will transition nicely. There are so many fears I have bringing another little being into your world that will consume mommy's time, but I also know that this is a life lesson for you... And me. We will adapt just fine. Bottom line, you are loved so much by so many people. You will never play second fiddle and just remember that special title you will always hold... You are the one that gave mommy, daddy, grandma's and grandpa's their names.

Well, my love, I must sign off now. But I must mention that you are currently sitting on the floor with one of your clean diapers trying to diaper your Elmo and Burt dolls, together. Not only is it keeping you very busy, it's pretty cute too!

Love you to pieces,

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