Sunday, March 14, 2010

first leg of move complete

This weekend, we started our initial decent into our Midwest life.  Well, maybe it's more like we've reached a cruising altitude.  

The plan has been to wait till baby arrives before we move into our home in Minnesota, but what we did plan on initially was moving into my mom's house in San Clemente temporarily.  Long story short, she is building a home in Arizona and gone for weeks at a time, so it just make good financial sense to give up our condo that we paid a fortune in rent on and enjoy some beach living until baby arrives, we recover and are off to Minnesota. 

So, this weekend, we moved into storage and my mom's house.  Here is a picture of Hadley on one of our first days enjoying the yard.  She keeps saying "SIDE, SIDE, SIDE" because she wants to be outside in the sunshine.  Don't blame her... It's quite lovely here!

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