Friday, April 16, 2010

another nursing post

Nursing is consuming my life right now... It did with Hadley, but not like this.  

It seems that Hayden isn't transferring milk properly from my breast - a suspected symptom of simply being three weeks early.  Unfortunately, all of those nursing sessions that I wondered were successful, weren't.  In fact, it has resulted in her not gaining weight as quickly as she should, but also let to the discovery that she may have reflux - a common newborn ailment.

I started to think the other day, and posed the question to our wonderful lactation consultant, Jennifer Ritchie at Milkalicious in Aliso Viejo - What did people do before there were bottles?  I knew the answer, but to hear someone else say it, especially since my child requires a bottle to thrive, brought tears to my eyes... They would die. Trust me, I am a "breast is best" kind of gal, but I am cheering for the invention of bottles.  


Our new plan of attack is to pump and bottlefeed this next week to beef up Hayden.  Then, next week we will reintroduce the boob.  Fingers crossed this works!

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