Sunday, April 11, 2010

double strollers and mini vans

I learned something about myself when Hadley was tiny...  That I really am a "less is more" kind of gal.  Despite my love of purses, I never really carried a diaper bag.  Strollers were cool, but unless we were on a long walk, a trip to the mall or other major outing, I didn't use one.  I preferred the sling, and I think Hadley did too.

Naturally, when we learned of Hayden, I really didn't think upgrading our beautiful stroller to a double was necessary.  I would put Hayden in a sling and push Hadley in the stroller. Sounds like a good plan, right?  Until  you realize, on that extended trip to the mall, that you have no place to put your slinged baby.  What if you needed to pee?  What would you do?  (Well, I do know how to conquer that with a sling, but it's a legitimate concern)

So I set forth to find a second hand double stroller on Craigslist.  Double strollers are like mini vans to me...  A little too "mommy" for me.  Not that I am a young hipster by any means, but they just aren't me.  And being the minimal person that I am, it is just way too much equipment for me.  Needless to say I was being quite particular with this purchase.

I looked at a used double stroller that was so incredibly long that you almost needed a back up alarm like on big trucks.  While it was a nice, clean, used stroller for $100, I could see it would annoy me so much that I would never use it.

I looked at a new high end stroller that was about the size of a single stroller and has a lower sling for a second child... Very cool, but it would always have two pieces (which on our single stroller was the case and somewhat annoying - especially at the airport) and what happens
 when the kid who has to sit in the lower seat wants to see out. Not to mention, once you got all the appropriate pieces purchased, the system was upwards of $1000.

I settled on a new stroller system that is all one piece... The City Mini Jogger. It's a double wide, but fits through standard sized door ways.  The seats operate separately and can sit straight up, or lie all the way flat, which is an excellent feature for a baby/toddler
 situation.  A car seat adaptor is available, but I am not one to lug a car seat anywhere out of a car, so we just lay the seat back and we put in an infant cozy to help keep Hayden in place.  This stroller basically folds in half for storage.  It's still double wide, but folds up pretty flat so it really doesn't take up any more room than a standard stroller.  While it's a bit heavy - it is designed to hold 150 lbs or so of kid - it steers beautifully. Since we received the stroller, we have been looking for reasons to take it out.  I've been on a few walks through town, been to Target (much easier than trying to wrestle a shopping cart) and the mall, all with great success.  Also, Hadley thinks it's pretty cool!  I would recommend this stroller to parents with two kiddos who are looking for a simple solution.

Now... I don't know if I will ever be convinced that a mini van is a good idea for me.  

But I guess I should never say never.

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