Wednesday, April 21, 2010

game plan

We took Hayden to her 2-4 week well baby appointment yesterday and the doctor is happy with her weight gain, albeit she is still little.

Today we went back to the lactation consultant and I was pumped because it seemed Hayden was nursing successfully, mainly because I would feed when I was completely full and could feel my breasts lightening. But it didn't work that way at the lactation consultant's office. No. She consumed .1 ounces in 45 minutes. Probably because she was wanting to sleep instead of eat. But it left me deflated.

The lactation consultant kindly lent me a scale to take home to do pre and post feed weigh ins to see if those successful feeds were in fact successes. My fingers are crossed that it will show that she is nursing and just needs to practice. But if we don't see this happen by Friday, Jonathan and I decided that we would go to 100% formula and let me dry up.

I'm sad at this thought. But pumping eight times a day is taxing. And being frustrated is even more taxing. So I must relent...

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