Sunday, April 18, 2010

living temporary

I think we've been living in temporary situations for too long... And here we are in the best situation yet - steps from the beach - and we are anxious to get moved. If we could move to Minnesota today, we would.

Have you ever felt like buying flowers for your table and stop yourself because it isn't your home? Even if you are going to be there for several more weeks? I've felt like this for the two and a half years and I am over the top excited to move into the home that we own. To buy things to decorate. To paint the walls. To buy flowers and enjoy seeing them on my table.

And we are getting closer to our move. We've booked our moving container and it will be at our home in Minnesota on June 4th. Jonathan is leaving on May 28th to move the car there, complete some painting and furniture assembly. My aunt, the girls and I are flying out on June 5th.

Looking forward to buying flowers for my table.

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  1. hi from mommy blogs! congrats on your move! i've felt the same way before and it's nice to have a home of your own.


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